Wonders of the world- The Colosseum of Rome in Italy

There are some places in history that go beyond imagination by any standards of current times and the Colosseum of Rome in Italy is one such structure. This mammoth structure was commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in AD 79 and completed by his son and heir Titus in AD 80. Almost 20 centuries ago this gigantic structure was built for recreational purposes however, the recreation was only of the spectators as during the period of festivities and games thousands of animals and gladiators were slain in this amphitheater.


The design

The Colosseum of Rome in Italy was built on a practical design of holding more than 55000 people as spectators coming to witness the fights. It had 80 gates and the seating arrangements were according to the stature of the spectators. It had an underground complex where the wild animals and the gladiators going to fight were caged. It was one of the most fearsome arenas in Rome. The outer structure had multiple layers of arches, three to be precise,  and they were covered with travertine and marble statues. The colosseum’s interior had been divided into three parts, namely the arena, cavea, and the podium. The wooden flooring of the arena was covered with sand so that the blood of the gladiators and the animals didn’t make it slippery for the fighters.

The animals could be lifted through 80 winch operated lifts and hence there was no question of delay in the entertainment of the spectators of the bloody fights.

The seating arrangement

A strict hierarchy was followed in the seating arrangements and the best seats went to the high officials. The front seats with the best view went to the magistrates and the higher officials of the state. The middle rows were reserved for the wealthy citizens of the states. The ordinary free citizens got the farthest seats. The woman except the priestesses could not get any importance in this system and they had to be content with the farthest sections of the amphitheater. The emperor, senators, VIPs and other dignitaries were seated at the podium.

roman colosseum

The gladiator fights

The gladiators brought here to fight used to be slaves, prisoners of war and the condemned criminals. Sometimes even female gladiators were also brought for fights. The arena was a death trap as the gladiators had no escape. Thousands of wild animals were brought for fights and later on the gladiators had to fight among themselves too. The season of games used to last for more than three months and during this period thousands of wild animals and gladiators lost their lives to the bloody fights.

A must have in the Bucket List

Today, this Colosseum stands as a witness to those bloody fights and the progress humanity has made from such ages. It is among the seven wonders of the world and every year hundred’s of thousands of tourists visit it. It is a place which reminds mankind of the ordeal it had to pass to come to this stage and hence it is one of the places you must keep in your bucket list. Everything about this place is overpowering and will make you ponder over its history and logic again and again.