Taj Mahal – a Story of an Undying Love

There are a few stories, as the thoughts of love come across our hearts, Lady and Tramp, The Kiss Couple in the middle of Time Square, and Jack in the movie Titanic. Yet this story touches some so deeply, that they travel 6,000 miles to be a part of it. To be able to see what love does when your heart is so intertwined with someone else’s, even in Death the love grows strong as in Life.

taj mahal

The Beginning

In most situations, the fact of love is so alien to most that you can never believe that those feelings are mutual. Granted, we use the word every single day. I love this sweater, these shoes, I love them so much, and I love that restaurant. In hindsight, you probably do, and you use the word to express your unedited feeling for those things or that place.

However, Is there a person a physical being that you love and give your all for? Have you see that person from across the room, and said, “I am going to marry them one day”, and then actually do? This story is just, two young teenagers, in a passing moment, leads to a lifetime of enjoyment and feelings that would last through the millennia.

Love at First Sight

This story begins in India, and from what has been told it goes like this. Shah Jahan had been taking a stroll through the marketplace and come upon, Mumtaz Mahal. And it was the real thing, “Love at First Sight”. Now at the time, Shah, had other wives at 14, but she his lover his soul mate, the two of them were inseparable. Such as life, as so it is in Death, their tale comes to an end, as she dies after giving birth to their 14th child. So saddened by her death he asks for two years of mourning from his people in her name. He never remarries after her death. What he does is make sure she is remembering for all time.

Made from love

Love can make you do wondrous things, travel to the other side of the globe, sing outside her window, and build monuments in her name that will withstand the test of time. Shah Jahan, built his late wife a monument in her name that, nearly 5 million people go and visit to be even closer to their story. After 22 years, his monument was complete. And it would be safe to say, you thought it was built for something completely different when the name is mentioned. After its completion, Mumtaz body was laid to rest there, and when his time came Shah was laid there beside her, so not even death could separate them. And in the afterlife, they could be together. After reading this article and you may be sitting there scratching your head, like well what monument can he be talking about. There is a monument in India that is so miraculous in its scale and beauty, so awe inspiring, that you can understand why is built with such pristine detail. It goes by the name of, The Taj Mahal.