Rhodes, Greece, Beautiful Island

As if you were walking back in time Rhodes brings upon an idea of being right back in 407 BC during its original construction. Rhodes, with its haunting landscape, rolling hills and a rather intriguing mix of the traditional and modern mix. It makes for a destination that history buffs and for those are looking for a little excitement and definite travel stop.

A little back story

Formally Rhodes, was not named as such, it was called “Collosus”. Why is that do you ask? Sir John Mandeville, gave it that name when during his travels up the Mediterranean and seeing the large status of Collosus ( he was the Greek Titan God of the Sun, Helios ), what other names could you give such a place. Rhodes did not acquire its identity until 332 when it became part of the growing legion of Alexander the Great. It was not until his death many years later that it became what it is today. Rhodes became a maritime city, as one of the largest ports in the Eastern Mediterranean after facing a major problem of rats which is where much wealth was transferred to the hands of the people for providing rodent control to the elites. This long and rich history makes Rhodians some of the proudest people in the region.


How do you get there

Rhodes is part of a chain of islands and is the capital of the Dodecanese, it literally means, “Island of Twelve”. It is the largest of 15 other islands, and part of a group of 150 in the Aegean Sea. Now, getting to Rhodes is really not all that difficult, you can actually fly into Athens and then take a smaller plane onto the island. Or, if you’d like they do have boats that will take you there as well.

The Island of the Knights

Rhodes is one of the oldest and largest medieval cities in Europe. When going there, you have to imagine what you are actually walking into. When you enter the gates of freedom, as it so happily named, you are walking through 2,400 years of history. 24 centuries of brick and stone, 24 centuries of history, of all the battles, leaders, cultures that have once called that small island Home. This beautiful island is breathtaking, to say the least. Its history, its landscape, and its mix of cultures and religions make this an island destination to add to your travels.

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Have you booked your flight yet?

Do not get misunderstood; this island is modern in all facets. It has built a tourist following like any other locale, but with a historical nuance that most places cannot provide. If you flew into Rhodes, no doubt the pilot made a comment about the shape of the island itself. Rhodes, oddly enough from all the battles that have been fought due to its location, is in the shape of a Spear. This spear shaped island, has amenities, from an 18-hole golf course, kite surfing, wind surfing, pale white sandy beaches, and very interesting paths that lead you on your own mini adventures into the island’s vast wonders. Rhodes, is connected to every other island in its network, you can easily take a day trip about 12hrs and experience that magic of the Aegean Sea.