Rhodes, Greece, Beautiful Island

As if you were walking back in time Rhodes brings upon an idea of being right back in 407 BC during its original construction. Rhodes, with its haunting landscape, rolling hills and a rather intriguing mix of the traditional and modern mix. It makes for a destination that history buffs and for those are looking for a little excitement and definite travel stop.

A little back story

Formally Rhodes, was not named as such, it was called “Collosus”. Why is that do you ask? Sir John Mandeville, gave it that name when during his travels up the Mediterranean and seeing the large status of Collosus ( he was the Greek Titan God of the Sun, Helios ), what other names could you give such a place. Rhodes did not acquire its identity until 332 when it became part of the growing legion of Alexander the Great. It was not until his death many years later that it became what it is today. Rhodes became a maritime city, as one of the largest ports in the Eastern Mediterranean after facing a major problem of rats which is where much wealth was transferred to the hands of the people for providing rodent control to the elites. This long and rich history makes Rhodians some of the proudest people in the region.